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Recovery From Toxic Relationships

Recovery from Toxic Relationships aims to support and guide you through the process of recovering from a toxic relationship. The toxic relationship could be in the work place, with a family member, friend or partner but the healing starts with an awakening when you are completely broken and vulnerable.  You realize that your life will never change unless you do things differently and understand that no one deserves abuse.  You will then be able to put the pieces of your life together, day by day and rebuild the mosaic of the new you.

We are here to support you through this journey of healing from toxic relationships.

I was stuck in a toxic marriage for 20 years but one day I awoke broken and vulnerable and a fraction of my former self and knew that things had to change. The change needed for a better life was in my hands and I had to have the courage to take the first step. Recovery from toxic relationships is not an easy process and so often I wished that I had someone to support me that completely understood what I was going through. It is for this reason, with my personal experience and as a life coach I would like to support you my knowledge and experience.

Recovery from Toxic Relationships