common phrases that a narcissist uses to manipulate

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  1. I get the “I was joking” a lot. Followed with you have issues with anyone telling you what to do. You must have daddy issues. This is your problem not mine. With it being silent from both of us. If I try to communicate, ask how is this a joke? Might be funny to you but I don’t see the joke. I’m not laughing. What to say or do in this situation?

    1. Hi Karen I would not engage “in the moment” and try to get answers. When you are both relaxed try to explain calmly and clearly how you feel. Hopefully, things will improve. But you need to try to not take the hurtful things that are said to heart because they may have a negative emotional effect on you in the long run.

  2. Becky Carter says:

    Thank You for your message. I married the third time I thought would be the last. Alot of things happen in those forteen years. I’ve been alone devoresd 10 years now. I have healed a lot. But scared to meet someone else. Trust is A big deal. So that’s where I am at. Becky

    1. Hi Becky not everyone is going to hurt you. You maybe want to work on your trust issues and build confidence in yourself and your decision-making. When you do meet people just take things slowly and this will build a solid foundation.

  3. In my situation, his go to phase is: “if you dont like it, leave” and that is just easier said than done, in my current situation, I have 2 children, a beautiful daughter whom is 15, and we share a beautiful son together whom is 6, I stay for them, and because i still love the man who i fell in love with so long ago, but he is no longer that man. And a bug part of me still has hope. But I truly do not know if it is better to stay, or to go. I guess my question/concern is: how do I even react to him when he says this? Leave? Then uproot my children from what they know and love because of how he treats me/us, to an uncertain home/environment? (I only have 1 option of where I could go, and that’s back home with mom and dad) I know he is only saying this because he doesn’t think I’ll actually go, I want to go, then again, I want to stay, I am so lost and just utterly can not find my way. Thank you, and thank you for making this available and free, SelinaD