Narcissistic Red Flags

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  1. Thank you so very much Lisa for the thorough explanation of what I’ve been going through. My wife accuses me of being a narcissist but in reality she is one. Very controlling and always has to be right.

    1. Hi Joe I’m happy that the article was able to assist you.

  2. I can relate, I was in a severe physical and emotional relationship. I enjoy your posts. I keep silent, it’s embarrassing, there’s just so much…. so much for so long it’s just bottled up inside and I don’t know how to release it and still maintain life at the same time. I has really messed me up. I was raised in this atmosphere so this goes way back to childhood sometimes I wonder who I am it’s like I don’t even know. I think I have PTSD really bad among other mental issues I bet. the memories are all inside my head sometimes I feel like I’m full of rage and I can’t let it out. I’m so mad at myself.

  3. Thx u for this article it explains everything I am going thru and now I have to figure out how to get out of it!!

    1. You are welcome Barbara. I am happy that the article was able to help you. If you are wanting to get out I have other articles that may help you.